Coins will not be missed, bring on the e-wallet revolution!

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Coins will not be missed, bring on the NFC E-wallet revolution!

dirty coins
Some ancient technologies are still useful; Papyrus; Glass making; Weaving, etc. But after 3000 years shouldn’t the human race have been able to come up with something better than copper coins?
Copper coins have a bitter, damp, dirty smell to them. They linger in the bottom of drawers, slowly darkening and attracting all sort of stickiness. They fester down sofas or in my wife’s handbags when I’m searching for car keys.
They jangle through holes in my jacket pocket and enter the twilight zone inside the lining. They clump together in my trouser pocket and distort the carefully ironed shape. Yes, I despise copper coins.
I’m trying to think of something positive to say about any coins. Those shiney �2 coins are the only ones that even make an effort. I’d be a lot more respectful of coins if they were actually made of gold and silver, but they’re not.
They’re heavy, they’re smelly, they’re pointless! The only good coin is a chocolate coin!
golden chocolate coins
Somewhere in my attic is a little box of copper coins, most of them are as big as a 50p and where I can read the dates they appear to be from the 1800s.
The definition of the faces is worn down but you can still see the face of Britannia. Apart from these coins, I would gladly never see another coin, happily not have to handle one again. So I have been waiting for electronic wallets since Panini ’84! The sooner, the better.
I long to wave my phone at a shopkeeper and be freed from being given copious amounts of receipts and grubby change.
ian rush panini sticker
I hate keys too, but that’s another story. For now let’s just say that I will be a happy man when technology can fit everything I need to survive in one mobile phone sized device, even my Ian Rush and Kenny Dagleish Panini stickers!