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Great examples of Video Content Marketing

Content marketing often relies upon creating stories and then
finding the most engaging channels to communicate those stories.
The bigger the story, the more impactful the campaign will be.
Let’s take a look at a couple of stories that have been created by
brands and see how successful they have been.

Red Bull Stratos

Red Bull
          Stratos content marketing stuntRed bull stratos content marketing stunt
This is one of my favourite examples because it is truly awe
inspiring, frightening and exciting. Red Bull are renown for
having produced some wonderful examples of content marketing that
have engaged their target audience. (Flugtag/ Air Show/ Montreal
street ski-ing). Red Bull
They empower their local marketing teams to find innovative ways
to bring alive the “Red Bull gives you wings” strategy. The
Stratos stunt hasn’t even happened yet, but it is such a big idea
that there is already a lot of buzz around it. This is helped by
Red Bull creating an animated video of what the actual stunt will
look like. Check it out here:
The animation is fascinating to watch and we hardly notice the Red
Bull logo on the bottom right corner, or on the stunt man’s space
suit. Viewers come to watch the seriously entertaining video and
hear about the incredible stunt, and already Red Bull has 28m
‘likes’ on Facebook. I can’t wait to see the final stunt itself.

Hi Tec

Go Launch

This is a great example of a brand creating a big idea around a
simple feature of one of their products. Hi Tec are a British
company that make running shoes (sneakers in the US). They don’t
have the brand recognition or the advertising budget to compete
with Nike and Adidas. But they briefed their agency to produce a
video based around the ‘water resistant’ feature of their shoes.
The concept that they came up with looked to imitate the thousands
of ‘extreme’ sport videos that feature a bunch of ‘heroes’
challenging themselves to achieve a personal best (surfing,
snowboarding etc.) or those who are pioneering new sports
(motorised surfboards etc.) The video is created as a very
believable documentary and apart from a baseball cap with the Hi
Tec logo there is hardly any branding. The shoe is introduced as a
tool that is being used in the crazy new sport of “liquid
mountaineering”. Wearing water resistant shoes and running as fast
as they can, the runners appear to be able to run on water for at
least 3 or 4 steps.

What are the consistent features?

A story that captures the imagination
Visually interesting
Great music

Other examples include Nike “Write the Future”
Nike write the future

How expensive are these sorts of viral campaigns?

One of the major advantages of ‘viral video’ is that it is cheap,
but this is a double edged sword because increasingly marketing
departments are being expected to deliver impactful viral videos
on shoe-string budgets. CEOs look at the success of big brands
viral campaigns, think they’re cheap and effective and want the
same thing, quickly. Bigger companies have ad agencies who have
been making TV ads for decades and are now keen to still be able
to serve their clients by creating ‘viral videos’. These will
often be produced with exactly the same level of planning as a TV
ad and often the ad agency will be able to dedicate large creative
teams to coming up with some great (and wacky) ideas. However, the
final video will often be made to look slightly scruffy around the
edges to feel more genuine.
The challenge for the marketing department is to find the best
creative idea, for the least budget.

Driving viewers to the viral video

Once the video has been created then the challenge is to ensure
that the maximum number of people view it (hence increasing brand
awareness and indirectly, sales). The first task is to post the
video on as many video sharing websites as possible and then share
those links using every communication channel that the marketing
team has at their disposal. These could include; Email newsletter,
Facebook, twitter. For smaller companies this can also involve
calling up friends and family and asking them to help get the
message out. The video has to be compelling to be viral of course,
even your family are going to get bored if you send them a link to
a video of your goldfish (although a video of your cat is almost
certain to work!). My old ad agency used to say that to be
successful an ad had to be Sexy, Shocking or Surprising. That
certainly helps, but there is a very fine line between producing
something that is going to go viral and something which is going
to harm the overall perception of the brand. And remember this is
the 21st century, so don’t go rushing out to hire some Playboy
bunnies for your viral video. The best way to generate views of
the video is by targeting influential users, or groups who are
interested in your product, or the topic of your content. For
example when we had created a viral video that featured some
antics on a golf course, our social team got in contact with
hundreds of small golfing forums, websites, bloggers and tweeps.
Once enough people knew about it, it really did become viral and
people started to share it. We managed to gain 2m views. There are
some great tools out there now which allow you to find influential
groups, communities and users on twitter who are relevant to your
particular subject. But there’s no getting around the fact that to
have an impact you require a lot of legwork, emailing, tweeting @
and following up. No surprise that there are already a number of
agencies that offer to do this for you!
producing and distributing a
        viral video

No surprise that most companies start with a blog

In reality most brands and companies wont have the budget or
resources to create high end viral campaign videos or events. But
most companies can and should invest in frequent, valuable content
that is relevant to their audience. This is particularly true for
small companies where a small smart investment can reap rewards.
Setting up a blog on wordpress is not only simple, but can now
look very professional and slick. Once you’ve got that set up, it
is just a matter of writing. OK, I admit I don’t blog as often as
I would like. I don’t think anyone does. I’m amazed when I visit
sites where bloggers have daily updates. But blog as often as you
can, blog on what you know and in particular try and focus on
subjects that are going to catch someone’s interest. Always bear
in mind volume and quality. The more content that is on any
website, the more discoverable it will be to search engines.
Hence, the more traffic it will attract. The more high quality the
content is, the more people are likely to share and recommend it
to others.

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