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5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Marketing Consultant


Sunday 28th October, 2012. By Tim Flagg

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If you’re considering hiring a marketing consultant here are 5 of the most important ways they can add value to your business.

1) Your Flexible Friends

Technology has that nasty way of catching marketers unawares, despite best laid plans. You’ve been passionately trying to convince your CEO to invest in building a mobile site for several months and now it’s halfway through the year and she’s found a budget but wants you to get it done before Christmas. You’ve got no budget left for permanent headcount and anyway, by the time you put out an ad, or hire a recruitment agency it will be Autumn and you’ll have even less time. Plus you don’t even know whether the project will be a success or not and therefore how long it will last. So you need someone who can hit the ground running, with expertise and experience and someone who is flexible about the length of the project.
Step forward the marketing consultant… Experience of working at a senior level is just as important as expertise in a specific field. The marketing consultant is ready to start tomorrow (usually), requires very little hand holding and is completely flexible.

2) Experience the Difference

Consultants work very closely with marketing teams in a complementary way. The consultant lends their years of experience to the marketing team particularly during a crisis or under pressure, when it’s important to have someone around who has been there before, and survived!
Expertise, or competency is easily taught, but experience can only be acquired. It is learnt, or more accurately absorbed, as the person understands their actions in relation to the bigger picture, often in hindsight.
You can teach someone to be experienced, but it will take a long time! The marketer allows you to give your marketing team the experience they require overnight.

3) You’re Hiring a Rolodex With No Strings Attached

Being a marketing consultant is a very social role, maybe marketing consultant are just very social and collaborative by nature but it certainly means that they are hyper-connected. But it’s not just about having a large Rolodex/Linkedin contact book full of contacts, it’s about having worked with a lot of teams over the years and found people that you can trust to deliver, and finding people whose recommendations you trust. If you’re hiring a marketing consultant then you’re buying access to those contacts. It may mean the difference between being able to launch in another country in 3 weeks using the consultant’s existing networks, or having to wait for 6 weeks whilst you ring around and find, interview and brief the suppliers yourself in between the rest of your daily tasks.

Ultimately, it means you find one person you trust (the marketing consultant) and you build a relationships with them and rely upon them to manage the supplier that they recommend, rather than having to go out and find all those suppliers directly and not really knowing that they can deliver, or that you’ll get on. You’re paying the consultant to take on the responsibility to deliver.

4) Marketing Consultants are Entrepreneurs for Hire

Marketing consultants are entrepreneurs. They are expert marketers who have decided to start up on their own and who have put all their efforts into growing their consultancy business. As a result you can expect them to be 100% committed to the success of your project. You’re effectively hiring an entrepreneur to come and work with your team and you’re accessing their energy, enthusiasm and passion to bring in new ideas and help deliver results. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to take ‘no’ for an answer and you’re harnessing that tenacity and spirit to get things done.

5) There Are No Comfy Chairs for Marketing Consultants

The consultant is constantly engaging their brain in new projects, constantly being challenged and stimulated. This is what they find so exhilarating and rewarding, but it means that they are never still for long, there are very few unproductive periods because they cannot afford to be unproductive. The consultant’s brain must be alert and agile, and it’s this brain that you’re bringing into your organisation.
We’ll all seen and may even have been the manager or director who has become slightly comfortable in their role, but comfort undermines productivity. Whether you’re hiring a consultant to work alongside your existing team, or having them report directly to senior management, you will be creating a ‘productivity dynamo’ in the department.

Naturally, at Go Launch we tick all the above boxes. We’ve got the experience of multi-million dollar international launches as well as achieving results on shoestring budgets for startups. We work with entrepreneurs because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves, passionate and curious about technology.

Why not give us a call on 07917 825 377, or drop us a line we’d be delighted to meet you and share ideas.

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