What is an Interim Marketing Director

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This is a short overview of the benefits of hiring an interim marketing director, but please give me a call or email me if you’d like to chat further about how my marketing skills and experience can help your company: 07917 825 377 tim@timflagg.com
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Unlike an employee, an ‘interim’ is a contractor who can be brought into a company very quickly. Companies usually require interims when they have an unforeseen and immediate requirement for a particular set of skills. Interims are often brought into a company whilst the recruitment process begins for a permanent member of staff.

Some scenarios where an interim might be required:

  1. The marketing director has just resigned or been let go, often meaning that they leave immediately
  2. The company has undergone significant growth and the marketing team needs to grow (e.g. Taking on a pan-European role rather than just UK)
  3. The marketing department needs to be restructured to focus on a particular skillset (e.g. Digital marketing)

In all these scenarios, business must carry on as usual until a permanent hire can be found and put in place, and the ‘interim’ is very much a temporary solution that ensures that the business does not suffer. Interims also have to be experts at managing change (change management) whilst still delivering consistent results to the business.

As an interim marketing director, I am expected to get up to speed very quickly and take charge of the current situation, establishing what the business objectives are and working closely with stakeholders to start implementing. I often compare being an ‘interim’ with being a sprinter rather than a marathon runner and interim contracts typically last between 3 and 6 months, although this varies depending on the permanent search process. The nature of the ‘interim’ role means that there will always be unforeseen challenges and in this way being an ‘interim’ is rather like being an entrepreneur and constantly having to find solutions, that’s the bit I really enjoy.

Interim marketing directors can also be chosen for specific skills and experience. I have often been contracted by companies that wish to access my experience of digital marketing. But as an interim you are expected to have a very wide range of marketing skills and experience, and it is often the experience of working in different industries or sectors that is most useful in quickly identifying business solutions.

I enjoy working as an interim, because of the pace and the pressure and the satisfaction of being able to deliver real change to the business. If you find yourself needing an experienced interim marketing director then please get in touch…

Tim Flagg
07917 825 377